We use best quality of materials from Standard companies like Bego, Renfert,Ivoclar Vita,Noritake, AMANN GIRRBACH (CAD CAM) and others.


As one of the leading Dental Lab that in India we have finaliasized ourselves with various available implant systems.

We are ready to assist you to plan your case individually.

We fabricate different kinds of Implant prosthesis:
Fixed cement able or fixed retrievable in PFM
Acrylic Denture Bar retained or ball retained hybrid screw retained.
We take care that the prosthesis fits passively without stress on the embeded implants.

1) PFM:

Porcelain restoration of high quality and Aesthetic are used to build up.

  1. Using the finest dental ceramics from all over the world leading companies.
  2. Using layering technics and light dynamics to create nature like vital characteristics.
  3. Using shoulder porcelain for aesthetic in the cervical margin area.

2) Metal free: E-MAX precision

IPS E-MAX a balance of versatility and simplicity which means you can be confident when restoring even the most complex cases offering a single layering ceramic and provides more esthetics and strength.

The new all-ceramic system IPS E-max comprises highly aesthetic and high strength materials for both the press and CAD CAM technology.

  1. One layering ceramic for glass and Zirconium oxide.
  2. Predictable shade results with different restorations.
  3. Highly aesthetic and high strength materials (glass ceramic)can be combined.
  4. It is having more strength of 350 mpa.
  5. Posterior only single crowns can be done.
  6. Anterior crowns and 3or 4 units bridge can be done(depending on the clearance).

3) Metal free: Zirconia Ceramill cad cam (Amann Girrbach) Germany

  1. We can do zirconia coping crown & bridge and layering over that.
  2. We can do full anatomical crown & bridge (Monolithic)
  3. It gives fantastic esthetic appearance and shades.
  4. It is having very high strength of 1350 mpa.


Flexible dentures are made of a nylon material, can be made very thin it is preferably for partial denture and is extremely light and comfortable .It provides very good flexibility and it is more strong and comfortably place around the natural teeth and gums.


  1. No metal clasp is visible on tooth surfaces.
  2. The colour of the denture material blend with the natural appearance of the gums.